Ready to Uplevel Your Personal Brand Online?

Whether you're looking to batch create your Instagram images, update your website, or connect with your audience through images, finding a photographer who really GETS what you need as an entrepreneur/influencer can be daunting.

While there are TONS of photographers, it can be hard to find someone talented who also gives you:

  • Commercial Usage License
  • High-Resolution digital images with the right to EDIT the images to match your brand as needed
  • Images that actually connect with your audience and tell your story
  • No need to credit the photographer when it doesn't make sense (the last thing you want is to have to credit a photographer on an ad you're running...)
  • Images that are formatted specifically for your website, social media, ads, and whatever else you need

In fact, as an online entrepreneur myself (and one who is in the photography industry), I was SHOCKED at how hard it was for me to find someone who truly understood what I needed for my business and personal brand.

Photo by Lauren Barkume

So I personally hand-selected the photographers on this list to make it easy for you to find someone amazing.

I looked at their image quality, their commitment to ethics, and their understanding of what an entrepreneur and influencer needs from photography to grow their business.

And I'm about to share this list with you.

Besides being talented photographers, each photographer on this list has agreed to the following values:

While the photographers below are organized by location, most are willing to travel, so don't feel limited to your specific location.

Find a photographer who best resonates with you, regardless of where you live.

You can see their work and get all the details by visiting their sites using the buttons below.

Please contact them directly through their own sites to book them, and tell them you found them here!


Kim Marivoet

Antwerp, Belgium

Belgian expert personal brand photographer travels to or with high level entrepreneurs who love their business and love their life.

Will travel worldwide.

United States (East)

Klara Cu

Jacksonville, FL

Feel uncomfortable on-camera? I specialize in helping you feel confident/natural so I can turn your brand stories into authentic images that convert.

Will travel worldwide.

Heather Moran

Columbus, OH

I really love working with female entrepreneurs, supporting them through empowerment and confidence. I provide a real, authentic view into your life.

Will travel worldwide.

Lauren Barkume

Alexandria, VA

I love helping visionary changemakers tell their stories so they can connect, inspire, and amplify their impact on the world.

Will travel worldwide.

Claire Harvey

Washington, DC

Will travel within US.

Irina Whitmer

Washington, DC

I've always loved marketing as much as I love photography. I enjoy learning personal brands and translating them into authentic images that convert!

Will travel worldwide.

United States (Central)

Peggy Lee

Centennial, CO

Love working with genuine, honest and authentic people. I will travel to any english speaking location in the world to work with you.

Will travel to English Speaking Countries.

Angela Knox

Minneapolis, MN

I work with genuine entrepreneurs who use their services to inspire & better their audience. I love working with coaches, educators & wellness pros.

Will travel to Worldwide.

United States (West)

Sarah Sido

Los Angeles, CA

I love to dive deep into my clients' stories to create authentic and unique imagery that resonates and with their audience and builds their brands.

Will travel worldwide.

Glynns Thomas

Sacramento, CA

Think of me as a valued member of your team. I'm here to provide you with my expertise, in photography and marketing, to advance your goals.

Will travel worldwide.

Mona Lo

Southern CA

You love serving others and sharing your knowledge - Let's grow your business with genuine photos to build you relationships with those who matter.

Will travel worldwide.